Size guides



Before you order your new bracelet you need to know the correct size of your wrist.

Our quick guide below will help you select the bracelet size that's right for you.

Hold the the tape as close to the hand as possible and tight to the skin as shown in the image above.

The measurement in this case is 16 cm , do not add extra length to this because your bracelet will not fit you.

TIP:  If you have a wrist size of 16 cm and you would like your bracelet to be a close fit then you should choose size 15-16cm, or if you prefer a loose fit you should choose size 16-17cm.



Our quick guide below will help you choose the correct ring size.

Rap the measuring tape around your finger as shown in the image above , this measurement is the inner circumference for your ring.

Now you have you have the inner circumference use the table below to help you choose the correct size ring.

 US Ring size 


Circumference  mm



US Size 9 59.5 19
US Size 9.5 60.8 19.4
US Size 10 62.1 19.8
US Size 11 64.6 20.6
US Size 12 67.2 21.4
US Size 13 69.7 22.2
US Size 14 72.3 30.0